Starting Right

Prepare/Enrich User, 2018

My husband and I have been married for three years plus now. Before our marriage, my husband and I were very keen on doing a pre-marital assessment. We read online that it was vital for us to start our marriage the right way. Hence, that's where we got to know the course facilitator, Mr. Lai, and our journey began.

Mr. Lai started by explaining how different our family backgrounds, personalities, interests, and even our approaches to issues in life are. We realised that although we had so many things in common, we were different individuals.

Understanding and acknowledging this fact further revealed why we had difficulty resolving conflicts. The moment Mr. Lai pointed out all the underlying differences in our personalities, suddenly everything seemed to fall into place. He also gave us some tips on approaching issues and working towards resolving them.

That one session of counselling made so much of a difference in our marriage. We feel that if every couple out there could take time and effort in understanding each other first before getting married, 50% of marriage issues can be resolved. Once we start our marriage with the right knowledge of each other and setting the direction right, marriage itself becomes such a beautiful experience.

I Do! Stories are real-life stories of couples and their marriage journey. We hope these stories can inspire and encourage married couples.