WE STILL DO! Married for Love. Married for Life.
is a three-month nationwide campaign aimed at raising awareness of the direct impact that marriages have on families. Married couples will be encouraged to invest in and inspired to strengthen their marriages with the skills and knowledge to thrive in their relationship.

In 2014, “I DO! Married for Love. Married for Life.” made its debut as an avenue for married couples to invest and strengthen their marriage. As it is a joint effort of both husband and wife to build a thriving marriage together, “We Still Do! Married for Love. Married for Life.” will challenge couples to enhance their marriage in fun, experiential, and insightful ways to love each other.

More than one-third of first marriages that ended in divorce or separation occurred within less than five years. The main reason for divorce or separation among husbands and wives is incompatibility, i.e. misunderstanding. Source: Fifth Malaysian Population and Family Survey 2014, Jun 2016.